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Doesn’t tyranny describe ANY situation where a few people control everything, regardless of means?

22nd May 2012
Gadsden Flag

People supporting Ron Paul and movements like the Tea Party often like to wave the Gadsden flag around and complain about government “tyranny.”

Meanwhile, private sector employers scrutinize every detail of our pasts when we simply want to find a way to feed ourselves and our loved ones.  This isn’t applied to the elite, of course–Yahoo will run background checks on the lowliest software engineer, but they won’t bother to run them on their own CEO.

But that’s still institutionalized, faceless oppression.  Digby dug up something the other day much more frightening.  Lee Fang at Republic Report has discovered that the Koch Brothers pretty much control the Republican Party.

Digby summarized:

Interesting how they laundered it, isn’t it? You can see why. It’s obviously better for them that everyone believes that there are numerous groups with varied interests just exercising their rights to free speech as a grassroots uprising took the country by storm rather than a very small group of high level wealthy Republicans buying themselves elections.

They know they are doing wrong, otherwise they wouldn’t go to such an extent to hide it.

They are would-by tyrants, and as industrialists they’re far more capable of destroying your life than a faceless bureaucrat.

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