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Sometimes I write software, sometimes for pay and sometimes not.

Sometimes I play music in front of people who like to drink and dance.

Sometimes I teach college students how to think and debate.

But usually I just like to make people laugh.

Except for assholes–I like to make them cry.

Political orientation

Somewhere way left, obviously, but some things you should know about my beliefs.

The root cause of most of the evil in today’s world is nationalism.  You can argue you’re blue in the balls about whether Stalin, Hitler, or even Mao was worse, but without nationalism as an idea, those three and countless others would have been petty gangsters at best, easily crushed by a community pushed too far.  Nationalism gave them a platform to convert basic douchebaggery into the murder of tens of millions.

But globalism isn’t the answer either.  Because globalism is just nationalism applied to the entire world.

Capitalism is quite literally killing us, and it can’t be fixed.  The situation we find ourselves in was inevitable, and no amount of regulation, checks, balances, or righteous indignation could have prevented it.  Wealthy people have exactly one goal–to become more wealthy, and they’ll stop at nothing to achieve their goal.  And the effect it has on the non-wealthy (that is, nearly fucking everyone and everything) is more or less continuously catastrophic.

If we don’t stop the political right, the future of life itself is in doubt. Unchecked climate change is enough to kill us all by itself, but there’s many other scenarios resulting in Doomsday, and more than likely it will be a result of some lame-brain hypercapitalist or wingnut scheme.

We can’t get there all at once.  This is why, even though I’m skeptical of the nation-state, it’s all we have, and if we start forcing it to serve the people rather than the other way around, well, it won’t be quite as bad.  But it’s far from enough.

I don’t have all the answers. Knowing all this shit is broken doesn’t give one the insight necessary to think of something better.  But that doesn’t make the shit any less broken.

We should work together on finding a better way.  I invite you to join the conversation–primarily in your own blogs, tweets, and on Facebook.  But for now, comments too.

Musical tastes

As a DJ I’m capable of spinning just about everything, but my favorites are:

  • Detroit- and Amsterdam-flavored house (lots of bass, minimal melody and vocals).
  • The movement that will eventually call itself “future bass”, but for now you could call “liquid drum & bass” and “ambient dubstep”.
  • Old-school Acid House.
  • Old-school Hip Hop, Rap, and New Jack Swing.

But you’ll likely see discussion of other forms on this blog.

Comment policy

No one is really reading this yet, but they might, and if they do, here’s my intention:

Insightful comments generally obeying the terms and conditions of WordPress will be approved as quickly as I can get around to it, even if I don’t at all agree.  I like a healthy debate.

However, if you’re here to cause trouble, you should know:

I will probably fucking ban your ass if you give me any shit, and I won’t feel bad about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy shaming  losers, idiots, and trolls.  But I don’t have a lot of extra time in my life to moderate comments.  Besides–you probably Tweet, use Facebook, or have a blog on your own.  Slam on me there, and see if I care.  I might go to “war” with you–but frankly I don’t have a lot of time for that nonsense anymore.

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